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Adopting an optimal approach to skills management is a strategic issue in the evolution of the company. Through a 7-step plan, WalHub invites production companies to focus on its implementation in the processes of change. Including a concrete application of the management of digital transformation skills.


On 12/12/23 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Accueil café dès 12h30


Boulevard Emile de Laveleye 191, 4020 Liège, Liège, Belgique


This session is for you if: - You are at the beginning of a skills management exercise - Want to know how to improve your current process This is in the context of digitalisation or any other process of change.


Free, upon mandatory registration

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✔ You're convinced that having fitted competences in company actively takes part to its success ? 

✔ Anticipating their evolution seems a true strategical asset to you, whatever in a digital evolution perspective or in any other process ?  

✔ Discovering how to apply competency management to a realistic change process such as digital transformation interests you ? 

✔ You want to develop a new approach or to make your own current approach more efficient ?

Then register to this workshop "Competency management" organised by Agoria !

Program : 

We'll deal with the following questions 

  • What's competency management ?

  • Why implementing it or not ?

  • What traps to avoid ? With which solutions ?

  • How to apply a successful approach to a change process, such as digital transformation one ? 

Then we'll develop a 7 steps plan to : 

  • Avoid these traps concretely

  • Reach a realistic approach

This session is made for you if :

  • You're starting a competency management exercise

  • or You want to know how make your own current process more performant

Thanks to practical exercises and exchanges between participants, let's grow up together in that field !


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