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We’d like to introduce you to our European Digital Innovation Hub and some of the experts from our Walhub partners.
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Our experts have the floor:


Lotfi Guedria | R&D | CETIC

Lotfi  Guedria, R&D Manager at CETIC, explains in this video how the WalHub project can help companies
overcome the complexity of implementing IoT technologies in a manufacturing environment.


Denys Bornauw | Digital Expert | AGORIA

Denys Bornauw, digital expert at Agoria, presents an initiative within the framework of the WalHub project
project to help SMEs go digital. Company visits and sharing workshops will be organized with companies that have
companies that have already set up training plans for their staff.


Bernard Piette | Managing Director | Logistics in Wallonia

Bernard Piette, Managing Director of Logistics in Wallonia, highlights the importance of agile and resilient logistics
for manufacturing companies. In recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the globalization of industrial
companies’ logistics processes, rendering them inflexible and unresilient..


Renaud De Landtsheer | Department Manager | CETIC

Renaud De Landtsheer, Department Manager at CETIC, explains how their technology transfer center
helps SMEs gain access to costly technologies that would otherwise be difficult to develop in-house.
CETIC focuses on combinatorial optimization problems such as vehicle routing and mapping, and over the past
10 years has developed an optimization engine in partnership with UCL, which can be used to solve large-scale
vehicle routing problems.


Laurent Voets |Community Manager A6K | Sirris

Laurent Voets, A6K Community Manager at Sirris, presents the 4.0 demonstrator developed within their company.
The aim of this demonstrator is to inspire and guide companies in the integration of cutting-edge digital
technologies such as cobots, AGVs, traceability and much more.


Thierry Coutelier | Senior Software Engineer | Sirris

Thierry Coutelier, Senior Software Engineer at Sirris, is an expert in digitalization, with a particular focus on
the Internet of Things (IoT) and how companies can exploit it in their business.
focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how companies can leverage it in their processes and their
product and service offering..


Christophe Montoisy | Directeur Innovation & Créativité  | Pôle Mecatech

Christophe Montoisy, Director of Innovation & Creativity at Pôle Mecatech, explains how they support companies in
improving their processes. Lab 4.0 was born of the collaboration of fifteen companies to build and co-construct
six demonstrators that showcase the potential of technologies in the industrial world..


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