A strong consortium with outstanding partners


Agoria is the federation of the Belgian technology industry and is well established in Wallonia with its 2 operating offices in Charleroi and Liège. Agoria represents, defends and serves the interests of more than 1.950 member companies (more than 80% SMEs) active in the Aeronautics, Space, Security & Defence Industries; Building, Contracting & Technical Services Industries; Digital Industries; Manufacturing Industries; Materials Industries and Telecom Industries.
Pôle MecaTech is a Competitiveness Cluster in Mechanical engineering based in Wallonia, Belgium. Its key strategic focus is on digitalisation, and the implementation of digital technologies (IoT, AI & Data analytics, Cybersecurity, etc.) that bring addedvalue in manufacturing processes & equipment. Pôle MecaTech’s mission is to create jobs and contribute to Wallonia’s reindustrialisation in the Energy & Environment, Medical Device, Defence & Security, Transport & Mobility, Manufacturing sectors.
Logo Sirris Sirris is the collective centre for and by the technological industry in Belgium. Founded by Agoria just over 70 years ago, Sirris bridges academic research and industrial innovation and helps companies to bring new technological innovations to the market.  On a daily basis, 180 experts coordinate and participate in more than 130 regional, national and international research projects per year. In addition to this research activity, we also support more than 1,800 companies (> 80% SMEs) in more than 4,000 industrial interventions. 
Logistics in Wallonia is one of the six competitive clusters recognized by the Walloon government to boost the Walloon economy. Logistics in Wallonia carries out three very complementary basic missions in order to ensure that Wallonia really is a ‘land of logistics’. Logistics in Wallonia deploys its activities under three main pillars :   

  • Innovation. To stimulate and encourage technological innovation from enterprises within the sector, along with cooperation between enterprises and universities, we have set up a department dedicated to innovation. 
  • Networking. By organizing meetings for members and work groups, along with making available and communicating information from the sector, we ensure that there is a network for those involved in Transport and Logistics. This vital mission enables us to meet players from our sector, to get to know and understand them in order to include them, where appropriate, in innovation projects.  
  • Promotion. we promote the advantages of Wallonia in terms of transport and logistics beyond our own borders. This is in particular carried out by taking part in shows, conferences and meetings. 
IDELUX is the economic development agency of the Luxembourg province, Wallonia, Belgium. As the public investor Luxembourg Développement, IDELUX Développement is part of IDELUX Group that has a total of 550 FTEs and has 110Mi€ turnover. IDELUX manages the Galaxia business park dedicated to cybersecurity, space and Earth observation. Galaxia hosts companies which are active in high technologies and space industry, the Galileo Integrated Logistics Support Center, the ESA-BIC incubator (managed by IDELUX) and The Euro Space Centre. The  European Space Security and Education Centre (ESEC), while not located within the business park forms part of the wider Galaxia cluster. ESEC is one of the 8 ESA centers in Europe.   
CETIC is a Walloon applied research excellence centre focused on ICT. It was founded in 2001 by three key Belgian universities (Catholic University of Louvain, University of Namur and University of Mons). Its main mission is to act as point of contact and transfer of ICT technological expertise from the Academic area to the industrial sector to quicken research and innovation in the Walloon region and beyond.
Logo Multitel Multitel is a private non-profit research centre and a leader in developing the state-of-the-art innovative engineering solutions for +20 years. It supports the digital transformation and contributes to the digital maturities of companies providing expertise in Applied photonics, Network Engineering, IoT & Embedded Systems, AI, Railway Certification.
Cenaero (private, non-profit) is an applied research center located in Gosselies, Belgium. Its ambition is to drive innovation in the industry based on advanced methodologies and tools in the field of numerical simulation, optimization and data analytics. Cenaero counts more than 70 highly skilled engineers and PhD’s specialized in numerical methods, materials, structures and manufacturing processes modeling, computational fluid dynamics, physics and applied mathematics. 
Agence du Numérique is a public company dedicated to the implementation and development of Wallonia’s digital strategy. We work in close collaboration with the Walloon Government, the various public services and Public Interest Organisations (OIP) of Wallonia, the competitiveness clusters, the federations and representatives of the economic sectors, but also all the actors of the digital ecosystem in Wallonia