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You will find all the services already planned in our agenda.

WalHub started its activity at the end of 2022. Our agenda for 2023 is gradually expanding. Don’t delay in subscribing to our newsletter (on the right) to stay up to date with the latest news!

Whether in the form of webinars, plenary sessions, workshops or other formats, our key ambition is to :

  • Raise awareness of digital transformation among manufacturing companies and show you the key skills and technologies to achieve it through plenary sessions, collective demonstrations, inspiring visits to companies,…
  • Experiment and test to what extent these solutions meet your digital transformation needs through workshops, webinars and demonstrations in which you gain skills and clarify your vision and ambition.
  • Invite you to join “Skills & Training” sessions to increase your digital skills.
  • Connect you with the digital manufacturing ecosystem and the funding solutions to your challenges through conferences and workshops.

For your information, you will find on this page the complete list of collective services that are offered by WalHub. Check our agenda to register for upcoming events.

Our “on-demand” individual services

  • 360° Supply Chain Digital Maturity Assessment

    360° Supply Chain Digital Maturity Assessment

    Contact : Paul Duquesne

    This diagnostic assesses the digital maturity of data exchange processes at trade and transport levels. It covers the entire supply chain of a company with trade facilitation (e.g. EDI), regulatory reporting (e.g. CO2 monitoring or future eFTI) and value-added services (e.g. ETA, Track&Trace, condition monitoring). The results are used to highlight possible improvements in terms of digital transformation, made possible by other WalHub services such as demonstrations, workshops, webinars or digital coaching.


  • Digital Coaching

    Digital Coaching

    Other topics/technologies (digital work instructions, AMR/AGVs, advanced technologies,…): Thierry Coutelier

    WalHub consortium experts will accompany you through a technological support to start your digital transformation through a Proof-of-Concept (PoC). These few days of direct interaction with our experts will allow you to validate the first elements, define the scope and prepare the elements needed for the realisation of a PoC to initiate or reinforce your digital transformation.
    AI: François Narbonneau / Nikolaos Matskanis
    IoT: Thierry Coutelier,
    High-Performance Computing: Cécile Goffaux,
    Cybersecurity: Laurence Leblanc / Nikolaos Matskanis,
    Supply Chain: Paul Duquesne


  • “Deep-dive” demonstration infrastructure

    Deep dive

    Contact : Thierry Coutelier

    This one-off service allows you to enter into direct contact with one of our infrastructures or demonstrators in order to ask our experts all your questions and see to what extent what was implemented could be replicated in your environment and what adjustments would be necessary to contribute to your digital transformation. Depending on the complexity of the request, a temporary change of a demonstrator can be considered to validate certain orientations and/or to experiment a particular case.
    Do not hesitate to contact us with your challenges and we will try to present you the infrastructures that would be the most relevant to inspire you and make your transformation a reality. You will find an overview of the main infrastructures on this page.


  • Cybersecurity Serious Game (available on Q4 2023)

    serious game cybesecurity

    Contact : Laurence Leblanc

    The serious game creates a realistic experience where all participants have to make quick, high impact decisions in real time with minimal information. Its goal is to bring companies awareness to the cybersecurity challenges and prepare them against real cyber-attacks by implementing good practices.


  • “Matchmaking Skills and Training” Single Point of Contact

    Matchmaking Skills and Training

    Contact : Denys Bornauw

    Individual and personalised support to help manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps identify adequate training offers and connect them with providers.


  • “Networking/ecosystem” support

    network & ecosystem

    Contact : Christophe Montoisy

    Individual assistance to help SMEs access opportunities & services (ex : EEN services, Innovation Radar, Regional opportunities..)


  • Support to find investment

    Support to find investment

    Contact : Thibaud Van Rooden

    Individual and confidential analysis based on SME requirements for financial aid. Guidance and evaluation with methodological assessments in order to support companies to find the best matching financial product.



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